Farm Camp
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You asked, we listened. Brought about by popular demand, we present to you: Hidden Hills Farm Camp.

Our Farm Camp is a great way for children to experience animals, explore nature, learn about the environment, build a strong work ethic, and make new friends. With many farm-related projects and access to the great activities at Hidden Hills such as nerf / water gun course, obstacle course, pugil stick arena, walking trails, and picnic sites, we have what your children will need for a week of fun that they will never forget. All you need to do is contact us and fill out our enrollment form.

Typical Daily Schedule

8:00 Arrival and role call

8:30 Morning animal chores

9:30 Lesson 1

10:30 Lesson 2

11:30 Lunch

12:30 Lesson 3

1:30 Arts and Crafts

2:30 Snack (Provided)

3:00 Hidden Hills Activities

4:00 Dismissal

Our lessons will change from day to day but will include animal husbandry, woodworking, arts and crafts, responsible forestry, gardening, environmental care, and some fun Hidden Hills activities. At our farm camp your child / children will learn how to care for all of our farm animals, learn how to build shelters, walk our nature trails, among other projects.  


Farm Rules

1-Show care for the environment, property, animals, and people around you.

2-Part of Farm Camp is to enjoy the country. To do this we require all children to leave all of their electronic devices at home.

3-Wear proper clothing. Sturdy shoes or boots, (no sandals). Wear comfortable clothing that can get wet or dirty.

4-All trash needs to go into the trash can. Garbage can easily fly away into neighboring fields and cause problems during harvest time.

5-Stay with your group. No one is allowed to go anywhere unattended.

6-We encourage frequent hand washing on the farm.

7-If your child is unable to attend part of the week, we are not able to refund the missed time, we may be able to reschedule.

What you need to bring

1. Proper footwear and clothing. Clothing that can get wet / dirty.  No sandals

2. Water bottle / canteen

3. Lunch

4. Sunscreen labeled with child’s name

5. Sunglasses and or hats

6. Squirt gun



$165 per child per week

Additional siblings $145 per week

$50 non-refundable deposit per child required upon enrollment, to be credited toward enrollment fee.