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    Option # 0

    Option zero includes access to the craft and dessert store, store picnic tables, and porta-potty. There is no charge for option zero.  


    Petting Farm

    Option # 1

    Costs $7.00 per person

    Children are free before their 3rd birthday, unless part of a large group.

    Group of 15 or more is $5.00 per person

    Option # 1: Includes everything in option zero, along with Petting Farm, dirt pile, face-cut-outs, tower, swing set walking trail, and picnic areas. 

    Animal feed can be purchased at the quarter machines. 


    Picnic site

    Option # 2

    Cost is Free with Petting Farm

           First come, first served.

    Option # 2 includes access to some trails, picnic tables and campfire rings. Wood can be purchased from the store at $5./bundle.  

    You might also want to purchase some  hotdogs or smore ingredients (sold at the store) or order one of our pizzas.

    When leaving, all trash is to be removed. Also, inform us of the fire and we will extinguish it properly.


    Obstacle Course

    Option # 3

    Costs $10.00 per person

    Includes everything in the previous options, along with the obstacle course.


    The weight limit is about 180 lbs.

    And a helmet is required at all times on the course.


    If you beat the posted record on the board (not your own time), you will receive a $10.00 store credit, along with getting your name and time on the board of champions.


    A Hidden Hills rep. must be present to time your attempt. 


    Nerf Course

    Option # 4

    Costs $11.00 per person for one hour. If no-one is waiting to play on the course, the time is unlimited.

    The petting farm is included in option 4.

    Guns and ammo are provided, as well as safety glasses (which are mandatory). 

    Pugil arena

    Option # 5

    Costs $10.00 per person for five rounds. If someone is waiting to use the arena, you must let them have a turn for five rounds. After their turn, you my continue playing for another five rounds, and so forth.

    The petting farm is included in option # 5. 


    Compass Course

    Option # 6

    Costs $9.00 per person for the Robin course. Costs $11.00 per person for the Bat-Man course. 


    The petting farm is included in option # 6. 



    Option # 7

    Costs $33.00 per person for 2 hours.  

    An additional $5.00 charge per person per hour.

    These prices include our masks, guns, CO2, and 150 paintballs. If more paintballs are needed--we sell them at the store.

    A $15.00 (per person) non-refundable deposit is required for reservations.

    If your party is under eight people, we reserve the right to combine your party with another party.

    Facemasks are mandatory. If anyone brings their own mask and gun, they will get a $5.00 reduction in price. 

    Winter Activities

    Costs $5.00 per person

    Giving someone access to the hills and fields of our property. A person may want to bring their cross-country-skis, snowshoes, sleds (or they can rent a sled from us for $2.00), use our snow forts for snowball fights, play some snow golf, or simply walk our beautiful trails.


    On December 14th, we also have a:

    Ice Breaking Bonanza: Which costs $10.00 per block of ice, for a chance to win $100.00 in silver or other prizes.

    On January 18th, we have a

    Scavenger Hunt:

    As always the craft and dessert store is open to the public.