Hidden Hills Paintball

Our 5 acre paintball course is in a thick forest, with many hills, ravines, natural cover and concealment. Make your reservation today by calling  (608) 483-3442.

There are clear boundaries, for the course, designated by signs. 

Some game play suggestions are:

Team Deathmatch


Divide up into two or more teams. Each team starts at opposite ends of the field, targeting one another until either team is eliminated. The last team to survive--wins. 


Last man standing

Each player is on their own. The goal  is to simply eliminate all the other players.  The game is over when there is one man left standing.

Capture the Flag

Each team sets up their flag at their home base. The object of the game is to get to the other teams base, capture their flag, and then return to your team’s base without being eliminated.

The Assult

In this game, 1,2, or 3 individuals are on a team, (drastically outnumbered), and are attempting to hold off a much larger army from taking over their fort. 

Black Bag

In this game, there are two teams, and each are racing toward the middle of the field to retrieve a "black bag". The first team to retrieve the bag and make it back to their base --wins. The bag is hidden by Hidden Hills upon your request. 


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