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Hidden Hills Survival Camp 2023
Aug 7th -11th, 9AM -3PM

Our five-day Survival Camp is a great way for children to learn basic life-saving bushcraft skills while exploring nature. Here they will not only learn important skills but gain self-confidence. Check out the activities below for some of the lessons that they will learn.


Cold Weather Survival

What if your car goes into the ditch on a snowy winter night? Mom and or dad are incapacitated. Will your children have the skills necessary to survive till morning or make it back to civilization to get help?

Here at Hidden Hills, we will cover a wide range of skills that might save their lives and the lives of others.

Camps & Shelters

Do your children know where to set up a camp? Do they know how or where to build a shelter? Can they make the shelter warm, waterproof, and comfortable, so that they can stay alive for an extended period of time without "giving up" on a rescue


Fire Building

Do your children know the proper steps to start a fire? What if they don't have matches or a lighter? What if everything is wet? How are they going to stay warm, cook their food, boil their water, signal for help, if they can't get a fire going? 

Water Procurement

Do your children know how to locate water in the wild. Do they know how to purify water in the wild, so that they can drink it? A person can go 3 weeks without food, but only 3 days without water. Learn the necessary skills now, before tragedy strikes.


Tools & Weapons

Do your children know how to fashion for themselves various weapons and tools from raw materials? Will they be able to protect themselves from predators? Will they be able to construct tools to gather food? If they are lost in the wilds, for any length of time, you will want them to have such skills.

Food Procurement

Do your children know how to identify edible plants? Do they know where to find edible plants? Do they know how to prepare edible plants?


Animal Traps

Do they know how to construct primitive animal traps? Can they track and find the animals? How about prepare the animals to eat? These are skills our ancestors knew but most people today have forgotten. 


Do your children know how to read a map? Read the topography? Use a compass? Determine their pace count? Can they do it at night, in the dark? Can they navigate without a compass? It is hard to move forward when you don't know where you are.


First Aid

Will your children be able to administer first aid to the injured? Do they know what "Really Bad Boys Should Find Better Habits" means? Do they know how to apply pressure, construct a splint, or properly use a tourniquet? These are skills that may be helpful anywhere they find themselves. 

Bug Out Bags

Do your children think about preparedness? Do they know what items to keep on their person? What items to keep in an emergency bag? Do they know how to use these items?



1-Listen to the instructors.

2-Show care for the environment, animals, and people around you.

3-We encourage everyone to leave their electronic devices at home or turn off.

4-Wear proper clothing. Sturdy shoes or boots, (no sandals). Wear comfortable clothing that can get wet or dirty.

5-Bring canteen, lunch, matches, 

6-All trash needs to go into the trash can. Garbage can easily fly away into neighboring fields and cause problems during harvest time.

7-Only use porta potty to relieve yourself.

8-Stay with your group. No one is allowed to go anywhere unattended.

9-If your child is unable to attend part of the week, we are not able to refund the missed time, we may be able to reschedule.


$200.00 per child per week

Additional siblings $150.00 per week

$50 non-refundable deposit per child required upon enrollment, to be credited toward enrollment fee.

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