Welcome to

Hidden Hills 




Open May 7th, 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Open Saturdays and Sundays
and by reservation

Phone Number 608-483-3442

Come and enjoy a day of education, out on the farm, learning and watching animals that have even become rare on most farms today. 


Call to reserve a canoe to ride down the Mighty Coon Creek with pickup of personel included. 

Reserve your own private 5 acre forest for a paintball party at Hidden Hills. 


Everyone will love climbing over hurdles, island hopping, crawling through tires, rope crawl, and running the tire gauntlet. (Weight limit around 200 lb)

Come and enjoy a game of nerf with your family and friends at our Hidden Hills Nerf Course.


Come and enjoy an invigorating pugil stick match against your friends, at our Hidden Hills arena.

Come and enjoy our craft and dessert store. You will love the fresh homemade baked goods and hand-crafted gifts.


Give us a call and order some free-range, farm fresh food. You will be happy with the price and happier still with the flavor. 

Come on down to the farm!

S 1441 Sobkowiak Ln Stoddard WI 54658