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Hidden Hills Murder Mystery

Make your reservation today by calling  (608) 483-3442.

Must have a group of

4 to 12 people.

122_2148 (2)_edited.jpg

No need for you to be an actor or actress. No need to bring costumes or props.

All you need is your mind to solve the crime.

(If you want to bring your own costumes,

that is fine.)

Be the first person in your group to correctly name the murderer, along with their motive and weapon and you will win the cash prize.


Recommended age of play is 16 years and older due to adult themes such as violence, drugs, greed, etc.

Noone under 16 unless they are with a parent / guardian. 

A great activity for bachelor or bachelorette parties.



The Cost is $24.00 per person. The Mystery should last about 2 hours, give or take.

(We are not big on time limits.)

Non-refundable $5.00 per person deposit is required to reserve your date. 

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