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Hidden Hills 3 Courses



Make your reservation today by calling  (608) 483-3442.

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Speedball Course

Divide up into two or more teams. Each team starts at opposite ends of the field, targeting one another until either team is eliminated. The last team to survive--wins. 


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A Hill To Die On Course

One or two men are positioned inside our bunker at the top of the hill, while the enemy mob runs up the hill, from obstacle to obstacle, to get within grenade range. If you can hit the bells or get the grenade in the bunker...
you win.

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Woodball Course

Our 7-acre wooded paintball course has many hills and ravines to maneuver around as you seek cover and concealment behind both natural and manmade obstacles.


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The Cost is $35.00 per person during the weekdays (Mon -Fri).


Weekend cost is $41.00 per person. Everyone must sign our waiver. If you are under 18 years old - you must have your parent sign our waiver. Must be at least 12 years old to play.

Must be at least 14 to play

Bush Hog Course.

These prices include our masks, guns, CO2, and 300 paintballs. Extra Paintballs = $6.00 / 150 b.

Non-refundable $5.00 per person deposit is required to reserve your date.

Facemasks are mandatory. 

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